Amazon: Summer sale for fashion in June instead of Prime Day

The annual Prime Day was probably postponed to September. Now Amazon is to plan a summer sale for fashion items in June. The shopping event could last up to ten days.

Because of the corona crisis, Amazon will probably postpone its Prime Day discount battle, which usually takes place in July, to August or even September . This should relieve the infrastructure that has reached its limits in the past few weeks as well as the employees in the logistics centers . In June, however, another shopping event will take place at Amazon, if a CNBC report has it. Accordingly, the e-commerce giant is planning a summer sale for fashion items for June 22nd.

Summer Sale: Amazon wants to boost sales

The US colleagues found the reference to the date for a so-called fashion summer sale event in an internal document. There was also stated that participation in the shopping event was only possible by invitation and could last between seven and ten days. The document should also mention that Amazon is promoting the whole thing as the “Biggest Summer Sale” and hopes that it will boost sales. Amazon sellers are invited to participate in the letter in order to increase customer loyalty.

An Amazon spokesman has confirmed to CNBC that there will be a summer sale in June. According to this, both established and young fashion brands should be involved. However, Amazon has not yet revealed specific details about the date, expiration or the name of the event. It is also still unclear whether the event and the corresponding discounts are only available to Prime customers or to all Amazon users.

Summer Sale: At least 30 percent discounts?

According to the report, the group is currently still working on completing the details, such as the corresponding landing pages. In any case, the invited sellers should be required to submit articles with a discount of at least 30 percent for the event. In any case, the summer sale is a departure from the previous two-day shopping event Prime Day in summer.

The fact that the potential discount battle should primarily be about fashion and fashion items is probably due to the fact that this area did not go well during the corona crisis, despite the booming online trade in parts . Industry observers explained this with the fact that there was hardly any desire for new clothes in view of home office and exit and contact restrictions . Now that the situation seems to be normalizing – at least temporarily – fashion retailers could get their full warehouses a little emptier through an event like Amazon’s summer sale.

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