Google Pay is to be expanded into a shopping platform

In the future, consumers could order goods from the Google Pay app . Apparently, the company is planning a corresponding portal within the app that could tie dealers closer to Google.

According to media reports, Google plans to expand its Google Pay payment service to include an e-commerce portal. As The Information  reports, dealers will have the opportunity to implement a branded button in the app this year. The aim is for the customer to be able to order goods and services from the merchant from the Google Pay app without having to leave the app.

Apparently, Google wants to sell the plan to various companies, including gas stations, grocery chains, and large national restaurants. Even if it is not yet clear when the plans will also be implemented in Germany, such an “augmented” Apple Pay could also be a good fit for the local market. Because the corona crisis has made many customers more aware of contactless payments, even in Germany, which has a strong affinity for cash. This would be a suitable approach, especially if this also works efficiently for small amounts.

Google Pay: a win-win situation for retailers and banks

The banks could also benefit in this context – because services like Google Pay or Apple Pay always work in the context of an account – and Google itself declares that you do not earn anything from the pure payment transactions via Google Pay. While in the USA the link to credit card payments and cashless procedures has always been close, Germany’s banking industry has been experimenting for years with numerous girocard-based procedures such as Paydirekt, Kwitt and Co .. at least among younger and more tech-savvy Target groups, however, have shown that Paypal and Klarna , but also Google Pay and Apple Pay as well as the planned but still not available Whatsapp Pay are quite desirable and used.

Incidentally, Germany also has an advantage here: Because it is not so common in this country to pull out the card when paying, it could work to persuade the customer, who usually has his smartphone with him anyway, to hold it in front of the scanner to trigger a payment. Experience has shown that the emerging countries, which – unlike Germany and Western European countries – do not have such an extensive network of ATMs and bank branches do it even easier.

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