In some segments, brick-and-mortar retail is still more popular than online shopping

In some product groups, stationary retail remains the preferred shopping channel. 34 percent of Germans actually prefer to shop in the store.

34 percent of Germans prefer to shop in stationary stores. In other European countries the value is even significantly higher. In Great Britain and Sweden, 51 and 50 percent, respectively, of consumers prefer shopping in stores. This was the result of a survey by the logistics service provider Centiro and JDA Software, a software provider for retail solutions.

However, this is mainly a question of age. Less than a quarter of 18- to 34-year-olds prefer shopping in the store. In the age group 55 and over, however, it is more than 60 percent. There are also major differences that depend on the product group. When it comes to buying electronics, household items and clothing, shoppers prefer online trading. Despite efforts by Amazon and various supermarket chains, the enthusiasm of consumers for online grocery shopping is currently still limited. Especially since the majority of shoppers still find out about groceries in stores and not on the Internet.

E-commerce: data collection frenzy disturbs 80 percent of German shoppers

In no other of the ten countries in which the survey was carried out do shoppers worry about their personal data as much as in Germany. 80 percent said that they are concerned about what happens to the data on their shopping behavior. Even if it gives them better service. Here it is mainly the younger consumers who are worried about possible misuse of their data. Shoppers over 55 years of age are much less worried in this regard – but they also shop significantly less often on the Internet.

In this country there seems to be a lot of trouble when shipping goods. 73 percent of Germans stated that they had had problems with the delivery of goods ordered online within the last twelve months. 35 percent complained about late deliveries. This is probably why many German shoppers make sure that online retailers offer tracking of a parcel. Almost 90 percent of respondents from Germany stated that package tracking has an influence on their purchase decision. Only in France and Italy is this value even higher.

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