Instagram opens up shopping to more businesses and creators

New criteria apply to Instagram shopping that include more retailers. That opens up new possibilities for influencers.

In the future, more companies than before will be able to register as retailers on Instagram and sell their products. The new criteria also apply to influencers who offer merchandising products on Instagram, Instagram announced .

Only sell from your own shop

From July 9th, new requirements for dealers apply. Before they can sell products through Instagram Shopping, companies must register and wait for approval. Dealers who are already registered will receive a notification on how they can meet the new criteria.

One of the criteria is that only products from your own e-commerce website can be tagged. A link to Amazon or to various advertising partners is therefore not permitted. “This should make the shopping experience more uniform and trustworthy,” explains Instagram.

Instagram checks trustworthiness

Merchants must also have a “trusted” account. Instagram measures trustworthiness, among other things, by the number of followers and an established and authentic appearance.

For most of the eligible companies, Instagram Shopping includes the option of listing products on Instagram and linking them to the online shop. A beta test for Instagram Checkout is also in progress in the US. This allows products to be bought and paid for directly via the app.

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