Mobile shopping: determine the future of retail with ALDI North

In order to create exciting shopping experiences for tomorrow’s customers, ALDI Nord is looking for IT project managers who have integrated digital thinking and action into their DNA.

Imagine this: a young couple wants to go shopping. Let’s call the two Tina and Andreas. When they arrive at the supermarket, Tina and Andreas stand in front of the shopping cart. They have to wait two seconds. The built-in chips do not need any longer to connect to Tina’s smartphone. Then it starts already. Tina and Andreas no longer have to push the shopping trolley of the future, they are accompanied by him. The battery is conveniently charged directly through the shopping cart’s smartphone holder. The digital shopping experience can begin …

Smart shopping – this is how it works

Tina and Andreas used their mobile phones to find out about personalized offers. When they arrive at the ALDI branch, the shopping cart uses the information on the smartphone to quickly guide them to the products they are interested in. The app knows the history of the last purchases in the store and in the online shop and therefore knows exactly what the two of them like. Based on this, the two also receive suggestions for new products. The app also knows, for example, that the toothpaste at home will soon be empty – otherwise you would have forgotten it.

Tina and Andreas eat very consciously and still have questions about origin and more detailed product information. Hold the article in front of the camera on the smartphone and the desired data is already on the display. “The right recipes are also displayed here,” says Tina happily. As she scrolls through the pictures of the meals, she remembers that she recently discovered a delicious wine for herself. You go to the wine rack but can’t find the bottle directly. Quickly clicked on the contact field and asked about the wine from two weeks ago by voice. The chatbot recognizes your concern and writes back directly: “You can find the wine on the shelf at the top.” The product image is displayed and the bottle is found.

Once at the checkout, the app has already calculated the value of the goods in the shopping cart. The two confirm the purchase with their fingerprint. When you get home later, you will get tips about the products you have bought.

Don’t dream, act!

Did the little thought trip give you new ideas? Would you like to help shape the digital shopping experience of the future? At ALDI-IT, we are looking for innovative e-commerce and omni-channel project managers who would like to create the shopping experience of tomorrow for our customers. Exciting international challenges await you at ALDI North. More information about working in IT at ALDI Nord is available at

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