Online shopping for the summer: Corona crisis drives prices by up to 23 percent

According to an analysis, the corona crisis has caused the prices of summer products to rise sharply. Online shopping fans have to pay up to 23 percent more for garden furniture or tents.

In the past few years, the prices for typical summer products such as garden furniture, suitcases or tents in online retail have fallen in time for the season. This is currently significantly different, as an analysis of the comparison platform Idealo shows – price comparators blame the corona crisis for this. According to this, products were up to 23 percent more expensive in May than on average in the May months of 2017 to 2019. However, there were also some items that are currently cheaper than in previous years.

Online shopping: seasonal products are much more expensive

Specifically, there are higher prices to be booked for garden furniture. For example, garden loungers were 23 percent more expensive in May than in the same months of previous years. For garden chairs and garden tables it was 14 percent and twelve percent respectively. Parasols were eight percent more expensive, suitcases, fans and tents each nine percent. For garden hoses and bicycle racks, online shoppers also had to dig deeper into their pockets – here it went up by 21 percent and 13 percent respectively.

Boats and barbecues were only slightly more expensive than in previous years, each two percent more expensive than in previous years in May. Swimwear and sunglasses were even three and five percent cheaper. Anyone who wants to buy a lawnmower can save real money right now. In May the full twelve percent were cheaper than in the same months of the previous year.

Prices: No forecast for June and July possible

According to Idealo, May, June and July are usually the cheapest months for many seasonal products. Compared to autumn or winter, ten percent or more can often be saved in summer. For the current month of June and July, Idealo did not want to give a forecast. The price development in the coming weeks remains to be seen in view of “the extraordinary situation”. It is also unclear whether the reduction in value added tax decided by the federal government could have a positive effect on consumer prices.

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