Stress test super sale: How to get your online shop ready for the influx of customers

Whether Black Friday or Glamor Shopping Week – high discounts attract customers. But is your online shop even able to cope with the onslaught? With this guide, your online shop can withstand the stress test easy.

Price and discount battles are not an invention of e-commerce. Black Friday was an important sales opportunity for retailers in the US even before online retailing made its breakthrough. In Germany, too, there was a fixed time for special offers with the winter and summer sales twice a year.

The annual sales records reported by Amazon and Alibaba for their bargain days stimulate the imagination of many retailers. The fact that Alibaba reported 554,000 orders per second on Singles’ Day in China last year makes people sit up and take notice.

As with the Super Bowl, global networking has contributed to the fact that interest in major shopping events such as Singles’ Day or Black Friday has increased enormously and is also noticeable in this country. Most retailers, however, would be satisfied with a fraction of the orders that Alibaba can handle in a second.

More than just using the red pencil

In order to achieve maximum sales on the bargain days, retailers and brand manufacturers have to do more than just lower the prices in the online shop. As the example from Alibaba impressively shows, additional customer flows can be managed quickly and to their satisfaction within a very short time.

The warehouse does not only have to contain the corresponding quantity of goods. The orders must also be delivered to the customer and invoiced. This places special demands on your own processes and technology. A new e-book from ChannelAdvisor shows how retailers prepare for shopping events.

  • The e-book reveals when it is best to start planning discount battles and what needs to be taken into account.
  • The reader learns what he should pay attention to while preparing his technology and why he also has to deal with his internal processes in order to avoid customer frustration. Because whoever disappoints consumers during this critical time can hardly expect them to come back next time.
  • The book gives tips on which special offers and discounts are promising.
  • More and more retailers want to do good business during the shopping events. The competition for customers and their attention increases accordingly. The e-book also provides material on this topic and offers specific information on planning advertising campaigns and on promotions around the bargain days.

Incidentally, a calendar with relevant dates in e-commerce can also help not to miss deadlines for these shopping days .

Why traders should have a plan B.

The free e-book offers a condensed guide to help you prepare for the year’s shopping events today. Because only those dealers are successful who manage to attract the attention of customers, win them over with attractive prices and convince them with perfect processes.

A look at the book shows that there is not that much time left to start solidly with the preparatory work. The authors also reveal why it is necessary to come up with a plan B in order to be prepared for all eventualities.

The e-book is aimed at all operators of an online shop, regardless of its size, and is also of interest to all retailers and brand manufacturers who sell via marketplaces.

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