They said yes: This is how emotional customer loyalty works in e-commerce today

In order to bind users to a company in the long term, emotional customer loyalty is essential. But how do shop owners get their customers to stay loyal to them? Spoiler: By understanding your needs and specifically addressing them!

Emotions as the key to success

Today, good prices alone are often no longer enough. This is because, although these provide incentives to buy, they do not create an emotional bond between customers and a shop. It is precisely the emotional experiences, such as the interaction with a brand, a company or its employees, that influence the purchasing decisions of users. In order to stand out from the crowd of providers and the wide range of products, you have to reach your users on an emotional level. You can do this by knowing your customers’ needs, understanding them and addressing them specifically.

User needs in the digital age

Stationary retail has already shown what needs users have in the various phases of their customer journey: They value orientation, advice and inspiration. If these things are fulfilled, it leads to a positive shopping experience and consequently to a new visit to the shop.

In the digital age, another need has come to the fore. A study by the French media group Vivendi, the network agency Havas and Cannes Lions shows that digital entertainment has become a basic need. In the international study, 83 percent of those surveyed said that entertainment was a key need for them – also with regard to advertising and brands. 74 percent of respondents said they wanted a fun experience with brands. This makes it clear: entertainment is a key success factor. This also explains why platforms like Netflix, Instagram and Co work so well. But what can online shop operators learn from this?

Emotional customer loyalty in the after-sales phase

There are many ways in which customers can be retained by a company. Classic after-sales measures include discounts for loyal customers, customer magazines or exclusive events. Sending personalized e-mails , for example after a transaction or as a birthday greeting, is also popular. All of these approaches are so-called push measures , in which the company specifically approaches the user and wants to offer them added value with interesting content and personalized product recommendations.

However, it would be even better if customers regularly visit the online shop themselves. A pull measure with which this natural customer loyalty effect is achieved is a personalized shopping area  .

Personalized shopping area: pull measure for emotional customer loyalty

This focuses on the individual needs and interests of the user and thus ensures emotional customer loyalty and an increased repurchase rate . The personalized shopping area is the central place in the online shop for the favorite brands, categories and articles of every customer. Online shoppers receive relevant content suggestions and are shown suitable blog articles or shopping news. The personalized shopping area is as interactive as it is individual: On the one hand, users have the option, for example, of putting together suitable product sets for themselves, on the other hand, they are automatically presented with personalized content.

The order, content and layout in the personal stream are adapted to the individual preferences of the customer. Each stream is as unique as the customer himself and provides new inspiration. This mixture of relevance, service, inspiration and interaction ensures entertainment and thus leads to regular visits to the online shop.

Outletcity Metzingen sets new standards for emotional customer loyalty

The example of Outletcity Metzingen shows how well this strategy works. Outletcity Metzingen is already using a personalization strategy and is a pioneer in using the personalized shopping area epoq My Stream .

With the support of epoq, technology provider in the field of online shop personalization , the complex display of relevant content was implemented in the Outletcity Metzingen online shop with a selection of thousands of products from over 270 brands. By fulfilling the digital need for entertainment, a new form of online shopping is introduced that creates emotional customer loyalty.

If you want to learn more about the personal stream as a measure for emotional customer loyalty in the online shop, watch the webinar recording on this topic now.

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