With these tricks you can save immediately when shopping on the web

Pay attention to bargainers! Here are 10 clever tips on how you can save tons of money when shopping online.

D ie benefits from online shopping are obvious. Convenient, easy and quick. And things are usually cheaper online too. But did you know that it can be even cheaper? And in this way:

Saving tip 1: Subscribe to the newsletter

Many online shops offer a price reduction as soon as you subscribe to the newsletter. This way you save up to 20 percent on your first order after registering. And even after that, discount codes flutter into the mailbox of newsletter subscribers from time to time.

If you fear a flood of spam messages, you can simply set up a new e-mail address especially for such stories. In the mailbox you can then check before each new order whether you have received a new voucher code. So you take all discounts with you, but you are spared from annoying advertising in everyday life.

Savings tip 2: google coupons

Found your desired product and no discount coupon in your mailbox? Then simply enter the name of your favorite shop with the addition “Coupon” on Google and all discount offers will be displayed. Internet sites such as ” coupon Pony “, ” Gutscheinsammler ” and ” saving the world ” provide an overview of where online stores are currently running which discount offers. Here, too, it is worth making a comparison: There are usually several codes per shop. With some you only save shipping, others only work with accounts that have also subscribed to the newsletter, but often there is also a really big percentage on the purchase. Even with products that have already been discounted, the price can be reduced in this way.

Saving tip 3: Deactivate cookies and shop in incognito mode

E-commerce algorithms adjust prices based on many factors. One of them is how many times you’ve looked at a product. It is often the case that traders drive prices up when they notice that there is a serious interest in buying. Saving tip: delete your cookies and switch your browser to incognito mode.

Saving tip 4: take your time

Okay, okay, that is in contrast to the previous tip. But sometimes the exact opposite also helps: Don’t buy immediately! Instead, leave the goods in the shopping cart for a while. Then an email with the subject: “Exclusive discount for your purchase” may soon flutter into your mailbox. Because the webshop notices that you are interested, but still hesitant and may try to lure you into buying. For this to work, you have to be logged in with your shop account.

How which shop will act cannot be predicted – as the algorithms are constantly being adapted. To avoid bad purchases, however, it is smart to sleep on it for a night and think carefully about whether you really need the new part.

Saving tip 5: Follow your favorite shops

Aren’t you doing yet The time has come! Because many shops first inform their followers about new discount campaigns. So click quickly through the Insta stories and the latest posts. Maybe there’s a good deal right now.

Saving tip 6: give feedback

After ordering, you will often receive an email with the subject “Rate your purchase.” Do you always ignore Sure, nobody wants to do that – unless you urgently want to criticize something. But sharing positive feedback is worth it! Because it is not uncommon for you to be rewarded with a discount for your next purchase following the satisfaction survey.

Savings tip 7: collect birthday presents

The fact is: you should be careful with private data on the Internet. But if you subscribe to the newsletter anyway, then enter your date of birth directly (often you will only be asked for the day)! Because many shops surprise their subscribers with exclusive promotions for their birthday: This can be a fat coupon, a small voucher for 5 to 10 euros or a discount on a part that has been in your shopping cart for a long time and has not yet been ordered.

Saving tip 8: Do not shop with your mobile phone

Those who order new clothes on the phone in the subway often pay more than those who shop at home on their desktop. Because more expensive prices are often given on the mobile phone or the high prices are shown higher up. The shops take advantage of the fact that it is difficult to compare several offers at a glance on the small display. This way, good prices will slip through your fingers. 

Savings tip 9: watch prices

Do you think that it is necessary to have to click through all the shops to find the part you want at a reasonable price and in good quality? You can save yourself the effort! Special price comparison portals such as “”, “” or “” do this for you. Simply enter the exact product name of your desired product in the search bar and the Internet services will automatically compare the prices of all providers. If the best price is still too high, you can set up an email or SMS notification on some price comparison sites that sounds the alarm as soon as the Price for a product falls below your limit.

Savings tip 10: Shop at the right time

What day of the week and what time you click through the shops also plays a role in pricing. There are studies suggesting that the best time to shop is between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. Shopping at the weekend is not only a pain in the overcrowded pedestrian zone, but also not recommended for online shopping. Saturday and Sunday the prices are highest.

With our tricks and a little luck, you can save a lot of money when shopping online, because the yield makes even happier, right?


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